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2019.05.28 石原孝二, 石渡崇文, 井之上祥子, 山田理絵 Permalink




2019.05.28 石原孝二, 石渡崇文, 田中慎太郎, 井之上祥子, 澤田宇多子, 馬場絢子, 山田理絵, 中里晉三, 遠藤希美, Permalink




2019.05.28 石原孝二, 石渡崇文, 田中慎太郎, 井之上祥子, 馬場絢子, 山田理絵, 中里晉三, 遠藤希美 Permalink



【報告】2019年度キックオフシンポジウム「Ties of Reciprocity 共生の軌跡」

2019.05.08 梶谷真司, 中島隆博, 石原孝二, 川村覚文, 八幡さくら, 内藤久義, 山田理絵, 佐藤麻貴, 文景楠, 榊原健太郎 Permalink



【刊行】ことばを紡ぐための哲学 東大駒場・現代思想講義

2019.04.24 梶谷真司, 中島隆博, 石原孝二, 石井剛, 村松真理子, 原和之, 清水晶子, 星野太, 出版物 Permalink

東京大学東洋文化研究所教授の中島隆博と東京大学大学院総合文化研究科教授の石井剛 が、白水社より『ことばを紡ぐための哲学 東大駒場・現代思想講義』を刊行しました。


梶谷真司 邂逅の記録99 文字を通して自らと向き合う

2019.04.10 梶谷真司 Permalink




2019.04.04 Permalink




2019.04.03 石原孝二, 石渡崇文, 田中慎太郎, 井之上祥子, 澤田宇多子, 馬場絢子, 山田理絵 Permalink

2019年3月17日(日)、こまば当事者カレッジ2018年冬期コース「生きづらさを考える」の第3回が開催されました。今回は講師に日本大学の中村英代先生をお招きし「コントロールを手放す 変えられないものを変えようとし続ける私たち」と題し、社会学の観点から「生きづらさ」「依存」についてレクチャーしていただきました。


【報告】 ANU-PKU-UTokyo Winter Institute 2019 (4)

2019.03.18 羽田正, 中島隆博, 石井剛 Permalink

Participating in the 2019 Winter Institute(WI) held at Australia National University (ANU) in Canberra from January 7 to 11 was a great opportunity as well as such an inspiration in terms of exchanging thoughts and ideas on the theme titled “History, Culture and Contested Memories: Global and Local Perspectives,” which has grown crucial in recent years, among wonderful students and scholars from ANU, Peking University, New York University, and the University of Tokyo.

Personally, I should admit that it was not off to an exciting beginning due to the fact that I had suffered with a bad cold. However, when I arrived in Canberra, met with excellent students and scholars, and as I got exposed to participants’ academic zeal for the given theme, needless to say along with a very good weather --- we were very fortunate about it indeed, not very hot in the midst of summer while extremely hot temperature had been reported before we arrived---, I was getting better physically and got immersed in thought-stimulating lectures and presentations --- I am still not sure which happened first, feeling better and then started to get immersed, or vise versa. Anyhow, my first visit to Canberra finally geared up.


【報告】 ANU-PKU-UTokyo Winter Institute 2019 (3)

2019.03.18 羽田正, 中島隆博, 石井剛 Permalink

The Winter Institute 2019 was held at Australia National University, Canberra from 7 to 11 January. The professors and students from ANU, PKU, NYU and UTokyo discussed “History, Culture and Contested Memories: Global ad Local Perspectives”. As it was the first time for me to take part in international conferences, I was feeling a mixture of anxiety and excitement.

The conference began with Professor Masashi Haneda’s paper. Explaining his well-known book Toward Creation of a New World History (2011), Prof. Haneda stressed the sense of belonging to the earth in the (anti-)global age. He also cited the essay of Jeremy Adelman and suggested two aspects of globalization, which is, the integration and the resistance toward it. Finally, he referred to the positionality of historians, which is of critical importance to me because I major in the British history as a Japanese student. I would like to be careful about who I am and whom I am writing to through my academic career.


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