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【報告】Philosophy of mind and mental illness symposium

2016.08.24 石原孝二, ジョン・オデイ, 共生のための障害の哲学 Permalink

John O'Dea(東京大学)と宮園健吾(広島大学)の企画により、駒場キャンパスにて、国際ワークショップPhilosophy of Mind & Mental Illness Symposiumが7月30日、31日に開催されました。


[Report] The 21st Tokyo Colloquium of Cognitive Philosophy (TCCP)

2010.06.16 ジョン・オデイ Permalink

On May 26th I gave a talk entitled "The Perceptual Constancy Problem as an aspect of the Binding Problem." In this talk I proposed a new approach to the perceptual constancies. I proposed that the problematic converse aspect of constancy - percptual relativity - is caused by the peculiar way in which properties tend to be co-represented within a sensory modality. I further proposed that perceptual relativity in the above sense is not simultaneous relativity, but rather a gestalt-like re-evaluation of the scene, much like so-called "mulitstable perception", such as when viewing a Necker cube. The underlying mechanisms should be very similar - a consequence which ought to be empirically testable.

【報告】15th TCCP Colloquium: Confabulation

2009.06.25 ジョン・オデイ Permalink

In this month’s colloquium, John O'Dea gave a paper on the phenomenon known as “confabulation”, based largely on William Hirstein’s recent monograph, Brain Fiction.


【報告】UTCPワークショップ "Philosophy of Perception: Being in the World"

2009.03.13 村田純一, ジョン・オデイ, 小口峰樹 Permalink



【報告】 The 8th Tokyo Colloquium of Cognitive Philosophy (TCCP)

2008.08.26 筒井晴香, ジョン・オデイ, 脳科学と倫理 Permalink

The Program of the 8th TCCP was a presentation by John O’Dea, a research fellow of UTCP. The title of his presentation was "Is there an Ethical Problem with Neuromarketing?" As indicated in the title, it was a review of the background and current state of Neuromarketing; i.e., the commercial use of neuroscientific knowledge or technology for the purpose of manipulating public opinion. Neuromarketing is one of hot topics within neuroethics, though there are not yet many neuroethical papers on neuromarketing. Assessing several studies on neural features of consumers and examples of actual commercial uses, O’Dea concludes that there’s no ethical problem with neuromarketing.


The XXII World Congress of Philosophy: Panel Session, 'Frontiers of the Cognitive Neurophilosophy of Consciousness'

2008.08.14 信原幸弘, 村田純一, ジョン・オデイ Permalink

7月30日から開かれた「第22回世界哲学会議」(The XXII World Congress of Philosophy)にUTCPから数名が参加しました。パネルは村田先生をコメンテーターに迎え、韓国のJung-Sun Han Heuer女史を含むUTCPの三人で、脳科学と意識における最新の研究動向について発表しました。

ジョン オデイ

【報告】 The 7th Tokyo Colloquium of Cognitive Philosophy (TCCP)

2008.06.12 筒井晴香, ジョン・オデイ, 脳科学と倫理 Permalink

  The program of the 7th TCCP was text reading, and we read the preface and chapter 1 of J. J. Prinz’s book Gut Reactions: A Perceptual Theory of Emotion (2004).


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