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【刊行】The Varieties of Confucian Experience

2018.09.20 中島隆博, 石井剛, 出版物

BRILLより『The Varieties of Confucian Experience Documenting a Grassroots Revival of Tradition』が刊行されました。



『The Varieties of Confucian Experience
Documenting a Grassroots Revival of Tradition』


List of Illustrations
Notes on Contributors

By: Sébastien Billioud

The Birth of a New Religion: The Development of the Confucian Congregation in Southeast China
By: Na Chen, Lizhu Fan and Jinguo Chen

Making a Virtue of Piety: Dizigui and the Discursive Practice of Jingkong’s Network
By: Zhe Ji

Popular Groups Promoting “The Religion of Confucius” in the Chinese Southwest and Their Activities since the Nineteenth Century (1840–2013): An Observation Centered on Yunnan’s Eryuan County and Environs
By: Chien-Chuan Wang

Belief and Faith: The Situation and Development of Confucianism in Yunnan Province*
By: Yun-ying Chung

Civil Spirituality and Confucian Piety Today: The Activities of Confucian Temples in Qufu, Taipei, and Changchun
By: Takahiro Nakajima

The Revival of Traditional Culture and Religious Experience in Modern Urban Life: The Example of the Changchun Confucius Temple
By: Tsuyoshi Ishii

Contemporary Confucius Temples Life in Mainland China: Report from the Field
By: Anna Sun

Rites Bridging the Ancient and Modern: The Revival of Offerings at Urban Ancestral Temples
By: Bisheng Chen

An Adventure Called “Sishu”: The Tensions and Vagaries of a “Holistic” Educational Experience (zhengti jiaoyu) in Today’s Rural China
By: Guillaume Dutournier and Yuchen Wang

Confucian Revival and the Media: The CCTV “Lecture Room” Program
By: Fabrice Dulery


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