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2015.09.29 梶谷真司, 中島隆博, 川村覚文

引き続き、2015年8月に行われたハワイ大学と東京大学の比較哲学インスティテュートについての報告です。今回は、8月13日と14日にかけて行われた京都大学での講義の模様について、京都大学大学院生のMikael Lotmanさんと八坂哲弘さんに執筆してもらいました。


Two seminars were held in the 13th of August (first day of the UTCP program in Kyoto): the morning session was carried out by Mayuko Uehara and the afternoon session by Peter Hershock. Professor Uehara problematized the translatability of first person pronouns (e.g. ware, watashi, jiko, jiga) in Nishida’s philosophy, by contrasting the historical usage and development of such words with Nishida’s view of how the ‘self’ is formed. This presentation was inspiring in that professor Uehara actually quoted passages from Nishida’s works and offered different possible translations.


Peter Hershock gave a talk about esoteric Buddhism, emphasizing the practicality of religious rituals in society and politics, from the perspective of relationality. He argued that enlightenment in ‘this very body’ goes beyond an individual’s physical body, signifying a matrix of social and historical relations that constitute a person. At one point, he raised an important question about normativity, which can be paraphrased as follows: granted that the whole world is already a self-expression of the celestial Buddha Mahāvairocana, why should one try to improve the status quo.


Both presentations were followed by a lively discussion, giving students an opportunity to ask questions and share their ideas. This event was unique in that three wholly different academic traditions (Hawaii, Tokyo and Kyoto) got together in a creative yet positively critical atmosphere.


Mikael Lotman (Kyoto University)


午後は小倉紀蔵先生による講義が行われた。小倉先生は〈Third Life〉という独自の概念を提示された。〈First Life〉 とは 〈physical Life〉 であり、〈Second Life〉 は 〈Spiritual Life〉 である。先生の提示された〈Third Life〉 は一言で表現するには多くの含蓄を含んでおり、ここで簡潔には説明し得ないが、報告者は〈between-ness〉 や 〈inter-subject〉という規定に魅力を感じた。小倉先生の提示された〈Third Life〉に関して数多くの質問が活発になされ、〈Third Life〉に対する参加者の関心の高さが窺われた。





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