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【刊行】UTCP-Uehiro Booklet 4: APF Series 2 Life, Existence and Ethics

2014.05.07 石井剛

本ブックレットは東京大学大学院総合文化研究科・教養学部付属「共生のための国際哲学センター」(UTCP)上廣共生哲学寄付研究部門L1プロジェクト「東西哲学の対話的実践」の活動の一環として編集・出版されたものです。UTCP-Uehiro Bookletの第4冊目です。



Tsuyoshi ISHII

1. Yamada Hōkoku on Mencius’ Theory of Nurtuing Qi:A Historical Perspective
Chun-chieh HUANG

2. Truth and Freedom: Exploring the Buddhist Modes of Cognition in Light of Heidegger’s Reading of Cave Allegory
LIN Chen-kuo

3. On The “Existential Solipsism” in Early Heidegger: In View of Nishida’s Philosophy
HUANG Wenhong

4. Overcoming Modernity, or Heideggerian Nationalism?: Of a Philosopher’s Political Commitment in Post-colonial Korea
Hang KIM

5. Basho and Yuanjiao

6. The History and Concept Structure of Nihilism in Mainland China: From the Point of the “Panxiao Discussion”
HE Zhaotian

7. Discussions on “Anguish (hammon 煩悶)” between ANESAKI Masaharu (姉崎正治) and TAKAYAMA Chogyu (高山樗牛): Tangling of Individualism and Nationalism in Late Meiji Period
Tsuyoshi ISHII

8. The Existence of a Soul and the National Morality: Nakae Chōmin, Inoue Enryō, and Minakata Kumagusu

9. Classification of Philosophy and the Place of Ethics in the Era of Republic of China
SHINO Yoshinobu

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