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【刊行】Bulletin of Death and Life Studies Vol.7

2011.04.11 池田喬, 出版物

東京大学グローバルCOE「死生学の展開と組織化」の論文集、Bulletin of Death and Life Studies Vol.7 が刊行されました。PD研究員の池田喬さんが論文を執筆しています。



SHIMIZU Tetsuro /AITA Kaoruko
Section 1 
Observing Chinese Excavated Matelials from a Perspective of Life and Death Studies:
"Image Reversal of the Dead"during the Zhanguo, Qin,and Han periods

Representations of Death in Modern Japanese Literature of the 1920s and 1930s
ANDO Hiroshi

Rumors Following the Kantô Earthquake of the Taishô Era
SATO Kenji
Section 2 
The Status of Idea rei singularis:
The Foundation for Spinoza's Account of Death and Life

Agency and Mortality:
Heidegger's Existential Analysis of Death and its Practical Philosophical Background
IKEDA Takashi

Constructivism about Moral Values
FUKUMA Satoshi

Putnam's Moral Realism
OHTANI Hiroshi

Organ Transplants and Japanese Views of Life and Death:
Talking with Living Pediatric Liver Donars
DATE Kiyonobu

A Private Chapel as Burial Space:
Filippo Strozzi with Filippino Lippi and Benedetto da Maiano in Santa Maria Novella, Florence
ITO Takuma

The Performing Arts Connecting the Dead with the Living:
In the case of "Soga Legends"
SATO Chino

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