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【報告】 Asia without Borders III

2010.10.11 中島隆博, 橋本毅彦

“Asia Without Borders Ⅲ” was held at Yonsei University in Seoul between October 8 and 10, 2010.



This was the third conference for Harvard-Yenching alumni and related scholars. The organizer was Professor Han Seung-Mi, Yonsei University, and UTCP contributed it as one of the cosponsors. Three day sessions were stimulating enough to forget the time. We continued discussion from early morning until midnight. Professor Takehiko Hashimoto and Takahiro Nakajima participated in it as a UTCP delegate.


I would like to refer to one episode. Professor Wang Wei, Qinghua University, gave his talk about the possibility of “law” in social sciences in the final session of Day 2. He showed an example by saying “sleepy scholar cannot give a nice talk” in order to prove his statement that there is a law in social sciences. We sleepy audiences agreed his statement and his example at that time. However, after being back to the hotel, I thought that he was wrong, because his talk was no doubt wonderful. Nevertheless, his statement must be still right. So, Wang Wei, you had better show another example of “law” like that “sleepy audience is always credulous.”






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