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[Report] The 21st Tokyo Colloquium of Cognitive Philosophy (TCCP)

2010.06.16 ジョン・オデイ

On May 26th I gave a talk entitled "The Perceptual Constancy Problem as an aspect of the Binding Problem." In this talk I proposed a new approach to the perceptual constancies. I proposed that the problematic converse aspect of constancy - percptual relativity - is caused by the peculiar way in which properties tend to be co-represented within a sensory modality. I further proposed that perceptual relativity in the above sense is not simultaneous relativity, but rather a gestalt-like re-evaluation of the scene, much like so-called "mulitstable perception", such as when viewing a Necker cube. The underlying mechanisms should be very similar - a consequence which ought to be empirically testable.

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