[Report] The 12th International Conference of the History of Science in East Asia

30 August, 2008 NAKAO Maika Permalink

  I participated in the 12th International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia at Johns Hopkins University. This conference is held every three years in East Asia, Europe and the U.S.


Report: Thomas P. Kasulis, 'Writing a History of Japanese Philosophy'

26 August, 2008 └Japanese Intellectual History Permalink

Dr. Thomas P. Kasulis (Ohio State University) made a presentation during the second session of the UCTP lecture series in Japanese Intellectual History on July 7th. The topic was “Writing a History of Japanese Philosophy: What I have learned”.


Joint Seminar by Takahiro Nakajima and Joel Thoraval #3 (The Final Session)

26 August, 2008 └Chinese Confucianism, TANAKA Yuki, Contemporary China in Philosophy Permalink

The final session of Profs. Thoraval and Nakajima's joint seminar was held on July 17th. In this session, they finished their lectures and discussed some problems with participants.


Report: The 8th Tokyo Colloquium of Cognitive Philosophy (TCCP)

26 August, 2008 TSUTSUI Haruka, John O'DEA, Brain Sciences and Ethics Permalink

The Program of the 8th TCCP was a presentation by John O’Dea, a research fellow of UTCP. The title of his presentation was "Is there an Ethical Problem with Neuromarketing?" As indicated in the title, it was a review of the background and current state of Neuromarketing; i.e., the commercial use of neuroscientific knowledge or technology for the purpose of manipulating public opinion. Neuromarketing is one of hot topics within neuroethics, though there are not yet many neuroethical papers on neuromarketing. Assessing several studies on neural features of consumers and examples of actual commercial uses, O’Dea concludes that there’s no ethical problem with neuromarketing.


Report: Viren Murthy “Overcoming Modernity and Overcoming Capitalism”

25 August, 2008 NAKAO Maika, Japanese Philosophy Seminar Permalink

 Professor Viren Murthy (Otawa University)'s lecture about “Overcoming Modernity and Overcoming Capitalism” was held on July 10th.


The XXII World Congress of Philosophy: Panel Session, 'Frontiers of the Cognitive Neurophilosophy of Consciousness'

14 August, 2008 NOBUHARA Yukihiro, MURATA Junichi, John O'DEA Permalink

On Saturday Aug 2nd members of UTCP took part in a round-table on recent neuroscience and consciousness at the World Congress of Philosophy. Apart from myself, the other panel members were Jung-Sun Han Heuer, Yukihiro Nobuhara, and Saku Hara. Junichi Murata chaired the round-table.


【报告】Moishe Postonet系列讲演会

7 August, 2008 Times and the Unconscious, Visiting Speaker Series Permalink



Debrief Session of the Program "Secularization, Religion and State"

5 August, 2008 HANEDA Masashi, KATSUNUMA Satoshi, NAITO Mariko, OTA Keiko, SAWAI Kazuaki, Secularization, Religion, State Permalink

On July 18th, a debrief session of the program "Secularization, Religion and State" for this semester was held.



4 August, 2008 Permalink

2008年7月30日到8月5日,第22届世界哲学会议“现在重新思考哲学”(The XXII World Congress of Philosophy: Rethinking Philosophy Today)在韩国首尔国立大学召开。


Report@Seoul: The XXII World Congress of Philosophy: Rethinking Philosophy Today

4 August, 2008 NISHIYAMA Yuji, Humanities News Permalink

From July 30th to August 5th, the XXII World Congress of Philosophy: Rethinking Philosophy Today is held at Seoul National University. This is my report on the first two days of this philosophical festival (July 30th-31st).


[UTCP Juventus] Kei Yoshida

4 August, 2008 YOSHIDA Kei, UTCP Juventus Permalink

It is now summer vacation. So young scholars at UTCP will introduce themselves on this blog during the vacation. Some will do so in English, but others will not. We are sorry about that. This time, Kei Yoshida introduces himself.


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