YI Young Jae Korean Movies in Imperial Japan

30 June, 2008 YI Young Jae, Publications Permalink

Yi Joung Jae published Korean Movies in Imperial Japan.


Report: Prof. Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto's Seminar and Lecture

2 May, 2008 HIRAKURA Kei, YI Young Jae, Visiting Speaker Series Permalink

On April 22 and 25, we held a seminar and a lecture by Prof. Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto (Associate Professor, Dept. of East Asian Studies, New York University).


"Contemporary China in Philosophy", Report #3

18 November, 2007 YI Young Jae, Contemporary China in Philosophy Permalink

Yi Youngjae made the third report at the middle-term program “Contemporary Philosophy in China” under the title “The Postcolonial Action Movie as a Contact Zone – A Lawless World”. From the perspective of her field, cinema studies, Yi suggested the possibility that the space of Manchuria, charged with a national history memory, through the contact with the Western genre functioned as a stage of violence, escaping from the state authority.


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