[Report] The 9th Meeting of the Study Group “Philosophy of Disability and Co-existence”: Phenomenology of Disability

28 December, 2012 ISHIHARA Kohji, INAHARA Minae, IIJIMA Kazuki, L2 Philosophy of Disability Permalink

On 20th November, 2012, Dr Joel Krueger, a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen, gave a talk entitled ‘Emotions and Social Perception: Lessons from Moebius Syndrome’.


[Publication] Kei Yoshida “Re-politicising philosophy of science: A continuing challenge for social epistemology”

20 December, 2012 YOSHIDA Kei, Publications Permalink

Kei Yoshida, a former UTCP project lecturer, published an article, “Re-politicising philosophy of science: A continuing challenge for social epistemology,” in Social Epistemology.


[Report] Film Screening: "Nuclear Nation"

15 December, 2012 Mark ROBERTS Permalink

On November 28th, UTCP hosted a public screening of Funahashi Atsushi's documentary Nuclear Nation. Following the screening, Funahashi-san and Prof. Sato Yoshiaki joined for an in-depth discussion with the audience.


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