Edges / Bridges of Coexistence 02: Another Asia

7 December, 2007 UCHINO Tadashi, Edges / Bridges Permalink

“Okakura Tenshin’s English is so exquisitely Edwardian, almost archaic, and I wonder how his subtly nuanced writing can be translated into Japanese,” commented Rustom Bharucha after a lecture given at the symposium entitled “Another Asia: Beyond Tenshin’s Love and Friendship,” held at the Tokyo University of Fine Arts on Nov. 10th.


Edges / Bridges of Coexistence 01: The Ego-tree

3 December, 2007 Dennitza GABRAKOVA, Edges / Bridges Permalink

The bridge has always been considered as a metaphor of linking, but the bridge is also a metaphor for the very workings of metaphor, in the way that the edge can be associated with metonymical proximity.


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