UTCP Booklet 11 Whither Japanese Philosophy?

24 April, 2009 NAKAJIMA Takahiro, └Japanese Intellectual History, Publications Permalink

The eleventh volume of the UTCP Booklet, Whither Japanese Philosophy? Reflections through other Eyes, was published.


John C. Maraldo, My impressions of the UTCP seminar

20 February, 2009 └Japanese Intellectual History Permalink

On January 25 and 27, 2009, a group of a dozen or so philosophers and other scholars sat around a table in the seminar room of the UTCP to listen me talk about some alternatives to oppositions in mainstream academic philosophy.


John Maraldo on the Project 'Sourcebook In Japanese Philosophy'

10 February, 2009 └Japanese Intellectual History Permalink

Prof. Emeritus John C. Maraldo of the University of North Florida visited UTCP in January and gave two seminars on Japanese philosophy. Here he is presenting his current project, a 'Sourcebook in Japanese Philosophy'. Prof. Maraldo is one of the co-editors of the project, which also includes contributions by UTCP prof. Nakajima Takahiro.


Report: Thomas P. Kasulis, 'Writing a History of Japanese Philosophy'

26 August, 2008 └Japanese Intellectual History Permalink

Dr. Thomas P. Kasulis (Ohio State University) made a presentation during the second session of the UCTP lecture series in Japanese Intellectual History on July 7th. The topic was “Writing a History of Japanese Philosophy: What I have learned”.


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