[Report] The 26th Tokyo Colloquium of Cognitive Philosophy (TCCP)

18 April, 2011 Iva GEORGIEVA Permalink

In the 26th TCCP Iva Georgieva gave a paper on the concept of "virtual self" – the person's projection and representation in the Internet and in other digital simulations, summarized in the term "virtual space".


Report: 17th TCCP Colloquium 31th July 2009: Virtual Space and Human Self – effects, problems and solutions

22 February, 2010 TSUTSUI Haruka, Iva GEORGIEVA, Brain Sciences and Ethics Permalink

In the 17th colloquium of TCCP, Iva Georgieva gave a paper on the problems of human identity in the virtual space. It was based on the Sherry Turkle's book Life On the Screen: Identity in the Age of Internet.


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