[Report] The 23rd Tokyo Colloquium of Cognitive Philosophy (TCCP)

22 January, 2011 BOKU Sutetsu Permalink

On November 22nd, I gave a talk titled "Saving Simulation-Theory from 'Collapse Arguments'".


UTCP Booklet 17 Secularization, Religion and the State

15 January, 2011 HANEDA Masashi, KANAHARA Noriko, ABE Naofumi, ISAHAYA Yoichi, NAITO Mariko, UCHIDA Chikara, WATANABE Shoko, Secularization, Religion, State, Publications Permalink

The 17th volume of UTCP Booklet, Secularization, Religion and the State, was published in December 2010. This is a collection of papers presented at the Singapore workshop held in January 2010.


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