[Report] Symposium "Co-existence and Cultural Spheres" at the Academia Sinica

13 April, 2009 NAKAJIMA Takahiro, CHIBA Masaya, HOSHINO Futoshi, MIYAZAKI Yusuke, Naveh FRUMER, QIAO Zhihang, TANAKA Yuki, WANG Qian Permalink

On March 30th, a group of students from UTCP and Tokyo University, together with Prof. Nakajima, attended the symposium "Co-existence and Cultural Spheres: French Philosophy in Asia", which was held at the Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan. I’d like to share here some my impressions of this event, based both on my own experience and on the impressions I received from my co-participants.


Report: Workshop on "The Epoch", NYU, March 25th

11 April, 2008 NAKAJIMA Takahiro, KOBAYASHI Yasuo, Dennitza GABRAKOVA, WANG Qian, Times and the Unconscious Permalink

The workshop started with Yasuo Kobayashi’s opening remarks on the problematic of “the epoch”.


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