[Report] Patrick Noonan, Being By Others: Cinema and Subjectivity in Yoshida Kijū’s Film Theory

28 April, 2011 Mark ROBERTS, NAKAZAWA Eisuke, Visiting Speaker Series Permalink

On April 26, 2011, Patrick Noonan gave a talk entitled “Being By Others: Cinema and Subjectivity in Yoshida Kijū’s Film Theory”. Mr. Noonan is a doctoral candidate at the University of California, Berkeley, and this talk was based upon his dissertation research. Many young international scholars joined the lecture, and participated in a discussion following the talk.


[Report] UTCP Symposium "Philosophy of Catastrophe"

20 April, 2011 NAKAJIMA Takahiro, KOBAYASHI Yasuo, ICHINOKAWA Yasutaka, NAKAZAWA Eisuke, Philosophy of Catastrophe Permalink

UTCP Symposium "Philosophy of Catastrophe" was held on April 15, 2011. We examined what we should do as philosophers in the face of the catastrophe which occurred on March 11, 2011 (The Great East Japan Earthquake).


[Report] The 26th Tokyo Colloquium of Cognitive Philosophy (TCCP)

18 April, 2011 Iva GEORGIEVA Permalink

In the 26th TCCP Iva Georgieva gave a paper on the concept of "virtual self" – the person's projection and representation in the Internet and in other digital simulations, summarized in the term "virtual space".


[Report] The 25th Tokyo Colloquium of Cognitive Philosophy (TCCP)

14 April, 2011 TSUTSUI Haruka Permalink

The speaker of the 25th TCCP was Iván Darío González-Cabrera (The University of Tokyo). The title of his presentation was "Explaining morality: The 'is-ought' problem and the naturalistic fallacy".


[Report] The 5th BESETO Conference

13 April, 2011 IKEDA Takashi, KAZUMORI Hiroko, BOKU Sutetsu, NISHITSUTSUMI Yu Permalink

The 5th Annual Philosophical Meeting for Young Scholars of BESETO was held on January 8 and 9, 2011. 38 young philosophers from Peking University, Seoul National University and University of Tokyo gave talks in the conference.


[Report] The 24th Tokyo Colloquium of Cognitive Philosophy (TCCP)

12 April, 2011 NISHITSUTSUMI Yu Permalink

The 24th Tokyo Colloquium of Cognitive Philosophy held on December 21, 2010, at Komaba Campus, and I made a presentation about time discounting and will. Here is a brief report about the idea and impression when I did my presentation.


[Report] Graduate Workshop of the Philosophy of Mind

12 April, 2011 NOBUHARA Yukihiro, TSUTSUI Haruka, └Event Reports, BOKU Sutetsu, NISHITSUTSUMI Yu, SATO Ryoji, Science, Technology, and Society Permalink

The graduate workshop of the philosophy of mind held on March 25th at the University of Birmingham Philosophy Department, and four UTCP researchers made presentations in the workshop. Here is a brief report about it.


[Report] The 22nd Tokyo Colloquium of Cognitive Philosophy (TCCP)

2 April, 2011 SATO Ryoji Permalink

At the 22nd TCCP meeting on October 15th, I gave a talk “Concepts and Ethics of Consciousness.” In the presentation, I have attacked our intuition that phenomenal consciousness is ethically special: only phenomenally conscious creatures are appropriate objects of sympathy.


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