[Report] UTCP Lecture "Secularisation and the Political: The Indian Context"

30 August, 2010 ABE Naofumi, Visiting Speaker Series Permalink

On July 15, 2010, UTCP invited Dr. Rakesh Batabyal of Jawaharlar Nehru University (New Dehli, India). His lecture was titled “Secularisation and the Political: The Indian Context”.


[UTCP Juventus] Mark ROBERTS

30 August, 2010 Mark ROBERTS, UTCP Juventus Permalink

During summer vacation, young researchers at UTCP introduce themselves in the UTCP Juventus series. Today, Mark Roberts introduces his research interests and current project.


[Related Event] Two Lectures by Yve-Alain Bois

29 August, 2010 └Event-Information, KONDO Gaku, Reconstruction of Image Studies Permalink

Celebrated art historian Yve-Alain Bois to give two lectures in Sakura (Chiba), and Kyoto.


[UTCP Juventus] Takahiro MORITA

23 August, 2010 MORITA Takahiro, UTCP Juventus Permalink

During summer vacation, young researchers of UTCP introduce themselves on the series of UTCP Juventus. This time, MORITA Takahiro introduces his research interest, works and future projects.


[Report] UTCP Lecture "Containing the 'masses': Critiquing Neoliberal Narratives of Equivalence in Japan"

20 August, 2010 Mark ROBERTS, Visiting Speaker Series Permalink

How has neoliberal discourse legitimated itself in Japan? How should we locate it as an historical and cultural phenomenon? What strategies may be fruitful for critiquing it? These are some of the questions addressed by Prof. Richard Reitan in this lecture.


[UTCP Juventus] Kei Yoshida

6 August, 2010 YOSHIDA Kei, UTCP Juventus Permalink

It is now summer vacation. Young scholars at UTCP will introduce themselves on this series of blog, UTCP Juventus, during the vacation. This time, Kei Yoshida introduces himself.


[UTCP Juventus] Kantaro OHASHI

3 August, 2010 OHASHI Kantaro, UTCP Juventus Permalink

Bienvenus à UTCP Juventus! Ce sont les pages où les jeunes checheurs de l'UTCP exposent brièvement les résultat ou le projets de leur étude. Pour la première fois, on introduit Kantaro OHAHSI, le lecteur de projet de l'UTCP.


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