UTCP Booklet 8 Enhancement, Society, Humanity

9 April, 2009 NOBUHARA Yukihiro, ISHIHARA Kohji, └Enhancement, YOSHIDA Kei, NAKAZAWA Eisuke, OGUCHI Mineki, TACHIBANA Koji, Short-Term Programs, Publications Permalink

We published the eighth volume of the UTCP Booklet, Enhancement, Society, Humanity.


The 1st meeting of "Philosophy and Ethics of Enhancement"

25 March, 2008 └Enhancement Permalink

On March 14, the first meeting of “Philosophy and Ethics of Enhancement” was held. The speaker was Prof. Jun Matsuda at Shizuoka University and the title of his talk was “Cyborg ethics and beyond.”

Philosophy and Ethics of Enhancement

3 March, 2008 └Enhancement Permalink

If there is a possibility to recover a brain with decreased functions, doesn’t it mean that it is also possible to improve the functions of a healthy brain?
The development in neuroscience opens up new possibilities for its technological application to medicine, pharmacy and engineering.


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