[Related Events] Ecole de Printemps 2012

21 January, 2012 └Event-Information, MIURA Atsushi Permalink

The 10th Ecole de Printemps: “Arts and Knowledge”
14–18 May 2012, Institut national de l’histoire de l’art, Paris


[Related Events] Call for Applications: Summer Research Academy@Getty Research Institute

20 January, 2012 └Event-Information, MIURA Atsushi Permalink

Call for applications from art history doctoral students studying in Africa, Asia, and Latin America for Summer Research Academy at the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, California (August–September, 2012), organized by the International Consortium on Art History (application deadline: March 1, 2012).


[Report] UTCP Seminar + Lecture by Ségolène Le Men

24 November, 2009 MIURA Atsushi, KOIZUMI Masaya, OZAWA Kyoko, Reconstruction of Image Studies, Visiting Speaker Series Permalink

This article exists only in Japanese.

Atsushi Miura, Histoires de peinture entre France et Japon

23 April, 2009 MIURA Atsushi, Publications Permalink

We published the seventh volume of Collection UTCP, Histoires de peinture entre France et Japon, written by Atsushi Miura.


La Lettre et l'image Nouvelles approches

20 November, 2007 KOBAYASHI Yasuo, HARA Kazuyuki, MIURA Atsushi, Publications Permalink

The proceedings of the International Symposium (18th -19th November 2005 in Paris University 7 ), organized by CEEI (CENTRE D'ÉTUDE DE L'ÉCRITURE ET DE L'IMAGE) and UTCP under the title “La lettre et l'image : Nouvelles approaches”[The Letter and the Image New Approaches]
have been published.
La lettre et l'image : Nouvelles approches
Textes réunis et présentés par Anne-Marie Christin et Atsushi Miura
Textuel, n 54, novembre 2007, université Paris Diderot – Paris 7
For a full table of contents see the Japanese version,
(Translated by Dennitza Gabrakova)


Atsushi Miura, Awarded the Suntory Book Prize

16 November, 2007 MIURA Atsushi, Publications Permalink

Atsushi Miura, UTCP project leader, received the 29th Book Prize from Suntory.


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