[Publication] Place and Space in Japanese Cinema (UTCP Booklet 23)

4 April, 2012 Mark ROBERTS, ARAKAWA Toru, Publications Permalink

UTCP Booklet 23 has been published: Place and Space in Japanese Cinema: From Inside to Outside the Frame.


[Report] Graduate Symposium: Techniques of the Image

4 December, 2009 NAKAJIMA Takahiro, └Manners of Images, ARAKAWA Toru, IDO Misato, KAWAMURA Aya Permalink

On November 13, the graduate symposium “Techniques of the Image” was held at McGill University in Montreal.


Report: Short-Term Programs "Studies in Contemporary Art"

26 December, 2008 └Studies in Contemporary Art, ARAKAWA Toru, HIRAKURA Kei Permalink

This article exists only in Japanese.

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