[Publication] Collection UTCP 9 Hara Kazuyuki Amour et savoir : études lacaniennes

30 March, 2011 HARA Kazuyuki, Publications Permalink

We published the ninth volume of Collection UTCP, Amour et savoir : études lacaniennes, written by Kazuyuki Hara.


9 April, 2010 HARA Kazuyuki, └Events, SAKURAI Kohei, Psychoanalysis and the Aesthetics of Desire Permalink

This article exists only in Japanese.

[Report] Colloque "L'Avenir des Sciences Humaines à l'Université"

21 December, 2009 KOBAYASHI Yasuo, HARA Kazuyuki, TAKAHASHI Tetsuya, TANAKA Jun, NISHIYAMA Yuji, UTCP Permalink

Paris 8 University and University of Tokyo has intellectually collaborated for some decades. On December 19, 2009, the symposium "L'Avenir des Sciences Humaines à l'Université" was held with the president and vice-president of Paris 8 University (organized by Patrick De Vos and Pierre Bayard; supported by Department of French and Italian Languages, University of Tokyo).


Report: Charles Shepherdson "Antigone: The Work of Literature and the History of Subjectivity"

28 July, 2008 HARA Kazuyuki, Visiting Speaker Series Permalink

Professor Charles Shepherdson (State University of New York at Albany) has been in Taiwan during the last two years as a National Science Council Visiting Professor and has taught in National Tsinghua University and National Taiwan University. This time, at the end of his stay in Asia, he kindly accepted our invitation and came to give a lecture on Antigone of Sophocles, which was held on July 9th.


UTCP Booklet 1 "Philosophie et Éducation"

28 February, 2008 KOBAYASHI Yasuo, HARA Kazuyuki, GOHARA Kai, NISHIYAMA Yuji, Publications Permalink

Here are published the proceedings of the Symposium “Philosophie et Education” held in Paris this January.


[报告]巴黎论坛《哲学与教育 教、学——关于哲学与精神分析的教育》

11 January, 2008 KOBAYASHI Yasuo, HARA Kazuyuki, GOHARA Kai, NISHIYAMA Yuji, UTCP Permalink

1月8日,在巴黎的国际哲学学院召开了UTCP与学院共同主办的论坛《哲学与教育 教、学——关于哲学与精神分析的教育》。这是继2006年11月第一届论坛之后的第二届,是由UTCP主导推动的计划。


【Report】the Forum 'Philosophy and Education' at Paris

11 January, 2008 KOBAYASHI Yasuo, HARA Kazuyuki, GOHARA Kai, NISHIYAMA Yuji, UTCP Permalink

On the 8th of January a forum took place at CiPH in Paris, organized by UTCP and CiPH under the title “Philosophy and Education: Teaching and Learning – about the pedagogy of the philosophy and the psychoanalysis”. This was the second meeting after November 2006 and was part of a project developed by UTCP.


La Lettre et l'image Nouvelles approches

20 November, 2007 KOBAYASHI Yasuo, HARA Kazuyuki, MIURA Atsushi, Publications Permalink

The proceedings of the International Symposium (18th -19th November 2005 in Paris University 7 ), organized by CEEI (CENTRE D'ÉTUDE DE L'ÉCRITURE ET DE L'IMAGE) and UTCP under the title “La lettre et l'image : Nouvelles approaches”[The Letter and the Image New Approaches]
have been published.
La lettre et l'image : Nouvelles approches
Textes réunis et présentés par Anne-Marie Christin et Atsushi Miura
Textuel, n 54, novembre 2007, université Paris Diderot – Paris 7
For a full table of contents see the Japanese version,
(Translated by Dennitza Gabrakova)


9 October, 2007 HARA Kazuyuki Permalink

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