[Report] Michael Raine, Film as a 'Synthetic Art'

24 February, 2011 Mark ROBERTS, Visiting Speaker Series Permalink

On December 14th, Michael Raine (University of Chicago) gave a presentation entitled Film as a 'Synthetic Art': Imitation, Copyright Infringement, and Masquerade in the Toho Film Musical. As a point of departure, Raine invites us to consider the theme of "deprovincializing film studies", not merely in the sense of exploring non-Western theories of film, but by recalling alternatives to auteurist and political modernist approaches to the study of cinema. This inquiry was developed through an intellectual exchange with Miriam Hansen, in particular around the concept of "vernacular modernism".


UTCP Booklet 18 Contemporary Philosophy of Co-existence: Essays in Memory of KADOWAKI Shunsuke

24 February, 2011 KOBAYASHI Yasuo, IKEDA Takashi, NISHIYAMA Tatsuya, MOON Kyungnam, Publications Permalink

The 18th volume of UTCP Booklet, Contemporary Philosophy of Co-existence: Essays in Memory of KADOWAKI Shunsuke, was published. This is a collection of essays in memory of Prof. KADOWAKI Shunsuke who passed away in February 2010.


[Report] Review Symposium on Eureka (2010, 12)

4 February, 2011 HAYAO Takanori, NAKAO Maika, UTCP Permalink

The Review Symposium on Eureka (2010, 12) was held on January 30, 2011. We (Takaki HAYAO, Tetsuro IRIE, Maika NAKAO, Yoshimi YASHIRO, Futoshi HOSHINO, Naoya FUJITA) talked about the special issue on Eureka featuring Hiromu Arakawa and discussed her comic "Fullmetal Alchemist".

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