[Report] The "UBI SUMUS" Series 1

30 October, 2012 TAKEDA Masaaki, TAKADA Yasunari, HOSHINO Futoshi Permalink

UTCP launched a new lecture series titled “UBI SUMUS” (where are we?). Organized by Professor Yasunari Takada (UTCP), this series aims at identifying where we are, both in a national and global context. On October 26th, 2012, the first of the series was held with Professor Masaaki Takeda (UTCP) as a speaker and Mr. Keiichiro Hirano as a discussant.


[News] Prof. Jed Buchwald's lecture "Thomas Kuhn and Incommensurability"

28 October, 2012 Humanities News Permalink

Professor Jed Z. Buchwald (Doris & Henry Dreyfuss Professor of History, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA) gives a lecture titled "Thomas Kuhn and Incommensurability."


[Report] The 7th Meeting of the Study Group “Philosophy of Disability and Co-existence”: Phenomenology of Disability

12 October, 2012 ISHIHARA Kohji, INAHARA Minae Permalink

On Saturday 6th of October 2012, the 7th Meeting of the Study Group “Philosophy of Disability and Co-existence” on ‘Phenomenology of Disability’ was held.


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