【UTCP Juventus】Dan Morita

18 August, 2009 MORITA Dan, UTCP Juventus Permalink

16 August, 2009 └Reflecion of Fantasy, NAKAO Maika, UNO Mizuki Permalink

This article exists only in Japanese.

[UTCP Juventus] Kei Yoshida

10 August, 2009 YOSHIDA Kei, UTCP Juventus Permalink

It is now summer vacation. Young scholars at UTCP will introduce themselves on this blog during the vacation. This time, Kei Yoshida introduces himself.


【UTCP Juventus】 Eisuke Nakazawa

7 August, 2009 NAKAZAWA Eisuke, UTCP Juventus Permalink

Eisuke Nakazawa will release the 3rd article of the UTCP Juventus 2009.


【UTCP Juventus】Naveh Frumer

6 August, 2009 Naveh FRUMER, UTCP Juventus Permalink

The following is an update on my research and other academic activities.


[Report] KOMABA Brain Cafe (3) "What is Morality? Brain Sciences Reveal Mechanisms of Moral Cognition"

5 August, 2009 └Komaba Brain Café, └Komaba Brain Café Reports, BOKU Sutetsu, Brain Sciences and Ethics, Science, Technology, and Society Permalink

The third Komaba Brain Café, titled "What is Morality? Brain Sciences Reveal Mechanisms of Moral Cognition," was held on July 9, 2009. “Komaba Brain Café” aims at providing venues for a free and active dialogue with those who are interested in brain science, neuroscience, and neuroethics.

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