[Report] "Advanced Sciences and Humanities" Lecture Series 3

17 June, 2011 IKEDA Takashi, Advanced Sciences and Humanities Permalink

The third lecture of "Advanced Sciences and Humanities" was held on June 6, 2011. Satoshi KODAMA (University of Tokyo, UT-CBEL) provided a lecture on public health and political philosophy.


[Report] The 5th BESETO Conference

13 April, 2011 IKEDA Takashi, KAZUMORI Hiroko, BOKU Sutetsu, NISHITSUTSUMI Yu Permalink

The 5th Annual Philosophical Meeting for Young Scholars of BESETO was held on January 8 and 9, 2011. 38 young philosophers from Peking University, Seoul National University and University of Tokyo gave talks in the conference.


UTCP Booklet 18 Contemporary Philosophy of Co-existence: Essays in Memory of KADOWAKI Shunsuke

24 February, 2011 KOBAYASHI Yasuo, IKEDA Takashi, NISHIYAMA Tatsuya, MOON Kyungnam, Publications Permalink

The 18th volume of UTCP Booklet, Contemporary Philosophy of Co-existence: Essays in Memory of KADOWAKI Shunsuke, was published. This is a collection of essays in memory of Prof. KADOWAKI Shunsuke who passed away in February 2010.


[Report] The 1st Meeting of the Study Group "Communicatoin, Rehabilitation, and Phenomenology"

30 June, 2010 └Event Reports, IKEDA Takashi, Science, Technology, and Society Permalink

The 1st Meeting of "The Study Group of Communicatoin, Rehabilitation, and Phenomenology" was held on June 6, 2010. This study group is organized by the UTCP mid-term program “Science, Technology, and Society”.


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