[UTCP Short Term Program] Methods of Cultural and Aesthetic Criticism

26 August, 2011 Mark ROBERTS, └Methods of Cultural and Aesthetic Criticism, Short-Term Programs Permalink

In this study group, we will examine some of the major topics and methods of twentieth-century critical and literary theory. We will explore and discuss a variety of critical approaches, situating them in larger debates, both historical and contemporary.


[UTCP Juventus] Mark ROBERTS

21 August, 2011 Mark ROBERTS, UTCP Juventus Permalink

During summer vacation, young researchers at UTCP introduce themselves in the UTCP Juventus series. Today, Mark Roberts introduces his research interests and current project.


[UTCP Juventus] Kei Yoshida

3 August, 2011 YOSHIDA Kei, UTCP Juventus Permalink

During summer vacation, young scholars at UTCP will introduce their research interests and works on this series of blog, UTCP Juventus, during the vacation. This time, Kei Yoshida introduces his research.


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