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CPAG (Contemporary Philosophy in the Age of Globalization)

CPAG (Contemporary Philosophy in the Age of Globalization) is a research project supported by JSPS. The project aims to map contemporary thought, as it unfolds its diverse aspects, and proposes a “new universality” that offers models for human beings and societies living in the present age of globalization.
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Program of Excellence

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Mid-Term Programs

Four to six programs of 2 credits are carried out every year internationally with the affiliated units under the leadership of the project leaders. The programs are composed of seminars and symposia; at the seminars professors visit the affiliated universities or facilities to give lectures, periodic joint symposia are held on the basis of the seminars’ outcome. For example, project leaders take 2, 3 young researchers and carry out joint seminars at the affiliated units in North America, Asia or Europe. The young researchers are affiliated with a medium-term program of some of the sections.

Times and the UnconsciousOctober 2007-March 2012

Times and the Unconscious

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Reconstruction of Image StudiesOctober 2009-March 2012

Reconstruction of Image Studies

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Science, Technology, and SocietyApril 2010-March 2012

Science, Technology, and Society

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Écriture and Thought in Modern East AsiaApril 2010-March 2012

Écriture and Thought in Modern East Asia

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Psychoanalysis and the Aesthetics of DesireApril 2010-March 2012

Écriture and Thought in Modern East Asia

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Brain Sciences and EthicsOctober, 2007 - March, 2010

Brain Sciences and Ethics

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Contemporary China in PhilosophyOctober, 2007 - March, 2010

Contemporary China in Philosophy

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Secularization, Religion, StateOctober, 2007 - March, 2010

Secularization, Religion, State

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Short-term Programs October 2007-March 2012

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Advanced Education Program October 2007-March 2012

1 Technology Theory, Art Theory
2. East Asian Thought, Japanese Thought
3. Cultural Theory of the Classics, Theory of Islam
4. Academic English (Oral Presentation and Writing Support) 

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