Report: Zed Adams on Color Relativism

27 January, 2010 Naveh FRUMER, Visiting Speaker Series Permalink

Summary of Zed Adams (The New School for Social Research) lecture: "How to Argue for Color Relativism" (Jan. 19, 2009)


[Report] “The Return of Rage”

24 September, 2009 Naveh FRUMER, Visiting Speaker Series Permalink

Guest lecture by Prof. Mario Wenning, Macao University (9/19/2009)


【UTCP Juventus】Naveh Frumer

6 August, 2009 Naveh FRUMER, UTCP Juventus Permalink

The following is an update on my research and other academic activities.


[Report] Symposium "Co-existence and Cultural Spheres" at the Academia Sinica

13 April, 2009 NAKAJIMA Takahiro, CHIBA Masaya, HOSHINO Futoshi, MIYAZAKI Yusuke, Naveh FRUMER, QIAO Zhihang, TANAKA Yuki, WANG Qian Permalink

On March 30th, a group of students from UTCP and Tokyo University, together with Prof. Nakajima, attended the symposium "Co-existence and Cultural Spheres: French Philosophy in Asia", which was held at the Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan. I’d like to share here some my impressions of this event, based both on my own experience and on the impressions I received from my co-participants.


[Report] "Learning from the Holocaust"

17 March, 2009 Naveh FRUMER, Visiting Speaker Series Permalink

Reflections on Sara Roy’s Talk "Learning from the Holocaust and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict" (March 2, 2009)

“It is important to understand the very real differences in volume, scale, and horror between the Holocaust and the [Israeli] occupation and to be careful about comparing the two, but it is also important to recognize parallels where they do exist.”

The Place of Philosophy: Some after-thoughts following the third BESETO Conference

25 January, 2009 Naveh FRUMER Permalink

A few weeks ago (January 9-10, 2009) UTCP hosted the third BESETO philosophy conference. I will not try here to summarize this large and diverse event, although I will say that I think it’s been a great success, both in terms of the level of presentations as well as in terms of its diversity and richness. I would like, though, to offer some “meta-reflections” on this conference, which was titled “Philosophy in the East Asian context”: some thoughts on the question of “context” or, if you will, the “place” of philosophy.



Critical voices from Israel

16 January, 2009 Naveh FRUMER Permalink

Following up on the article by Sara Roy, who will visit UTCP in March, in which she expresses a moral and political critique of the current war in Gaza, it is important to note that such a similar critical voice can also be heard from within the Israeli society itself.


[UTCP Juventus] Naveh FRUMER

30 December, 2008 Naveh FRUMER, UTCP Juventus Permalink

Brief introduction, summary of my activities at UTCP during Nov-Dec 2008, and my current research.


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