UTCP Booklet 4 Utopia: Here and There

26 September, 2008 NAKAJIMA Takahiro, KOBAYASHI Yasuo, YOSHIDA Kei, Dennitza GABRAKOVA, HASHIMOTO Satoru, HIRAKURA Kei, IDO Misato, Publications Permalink

We published the fourth volume of the UTCP Booklet, Utopia: Here and There.


Report: Weed, Space, Furyu - Dialogue with Yoshihiro Suda

7 July, 2008 └Intermediality, Dennitza GABRAKOVA, IDO Misato Permalink

On the 16th of June we had the pleasure of inviting Mr. Yoshihiro Suda, a contemporary artist famous for his "weeds" carved of wood.


Report: Utopia: Here and There @NYU

19 June, 2008 YOSHIDA Kei, Dennitza GABRAKOVA, HASHIMOTO Satoru, HIRAKURA Kei, IDO Misato Permalink

2008年3月28日到29日,在纽约大学召开了研讨会“Age of Comparison”,通过哲学的、方法论的考察探讨比较和比较可能性。


Report: Workshop on "The Epoch", NYU, March 25th

11 April, 2008 NAKAJIMA Takahiro, KOBAYASHI Yasuo, Dennitza GABRAKOVA, WANG Qian, Times and the Unconscious Permalink

The workshop started with Yasuo Kobayashi’s opening remarks on the problematic of “the epoch”.


Edges / Bridges of Coexistence 01: The Ego-tree

3 December, 2007 Dennitza GABRAKOVA, Edges / Bridges Permalink

The bridge has always been considered as a metaphor of linking, but the bridge is also a metaphor for the very workings of metaphor, in the way that the edge can be associated with metonymical proximity.


Gabrakova, Utopian Studies Conference, Toronto

11 October, 2007 Dennitza GABRAKOVA Permalink

The Society for Utopian Studies is a home for scholars across a variety of disciplines, united by their interest in the problematic of utopia. In a unique way, specialists in political science, economics, architecture, literary studies and other fields share the historical and theoretical background of this problematic. There is really something positive and genuinely utopian in the establishing of such a community of research and the city of Toronto was a perfect site for it with its wide streets, green parks, and skyscrapers.


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