UTCP Website Renewal!

30 May, 2010 UTCP

As some of you might have already discerned, the UTCP website was renewed. The major changes are as follows:

1. We Start New Program Websites and Archived Finished Programs

We start websites for three new programs: Science, Technology, and Society, Écriture and Thought in Modern East Asia, and Psychoanalysis and the Aesthetics of Desire. Schedules of these programs will be updated on schedule sections.

Also, we archived three finished programs: Brain Sciences and Ethics, Contemporary China in Philosophy, Secularization, Religion, State. For these programs, please visit the following site:

2. We Start Twittering

We start twittering. Please follow us on

For the time being, event informations and blog updates will be automatically twittered. We are considering what we can do using twitter.

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