[Report] Film Screening: Keiko Courdy "AU-DELA DU NUAGE °Yonaoshi 3.11"

29 October, 2013 KOBAYASHI Yasuo

On October 24th UTCP was happy to welcome (back) a former student of the University of Tokyo (year 1992) : filmdirector Keiko Courdy.

Prof. Kobayashi introduced her, reminding the audience of her specific path and personal history with Japan. Keiko Courdy was named after the famous Japanese actress, Keiko Kishi. She came to Japan to study performing arts and theater at the University of Tokyo as a PhD student. When 311 struck Japan, at a time when most foreigners left from the country, Keiko Courdy came to Japan with the project of a documentary film. AU-DELA DU NUAGE °Yonaoshi 3.11 was screened at the University of Tokyo in a crowded auditorium in Komaba Campus. The screening was followed by a passionate discussion between the audience, Prof. Kobayashi and the filmdirector.


Misako Nemoto, former UTCP student as well and professor of French Literature at Meiji University, author of the film's narration in Japanese, was asked by Prof. Kobayashi about the Japanese subtitle of the film, that does not translate literally the word "nuage" (that refers to the radioactive pollution, in French) but changes it into an equivalent for "fog". A member of the audience mentioned the fact that it is the right time now for the Japanese to think about 311 accident, since the time of shock is now passed. Keiko Courdy answered that 311 is a catastrophe that should speak to anyone and not only to Japanese people, and that we should all get ready to think it over. When the disaster struck japan, she herself felt that she just had to come to Japan, and be part of it; that she would be able to look for her "essence" in wounded Japan. The form of interview, that drives the film, is the form this search took. The form of "paths leading to nowhere"...

(Report: Elise Domenach)

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