[News] Workshop: (Failed) Encounters with the Planetary?

10 May, 2013 Humanities News

(Failed) Encounters with the Planetary? Thinking Urban Space and the Social in Post-Fukushima Japan

"Todos Somos Japon" has been the rallying call for a number of individuals wanting to relocalize the 2011 catastrophe on a planetary urban scale. For the spectacular event of 3.11 has been in many ways a missed encounter with a planetary urban reality, while still resisting its complete capture by discourses of national identity and security. 3.11 is analogically aligned with 9.11; it captures and freezes the event into a national trauma, a "post-" inaugurating a chronological rupture that really only reconfirms a subsumption into and subjection to neo-liberalism and war. In difference with this narrative of rupture, it has thus become necessary to address this event as both a global spectacle and a local situation. By addressing issues of the spectacular, the planetary and the social in relation to current strategies of urban redevelopment and social life, this workshop will aim at establishing an initial theoretical framework from which to ask what has changed, and begin to think the event of Fukushima.

Friday, May 17th, 2013 at 6pm, The University of Tokyo, Komaba / Bld. 18 / Collaboration Room 3

English and Japanese, Free Admission, No Registration Required

Organized by Christophe Thouny

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