[Report] Ethical Issues in Psychiatry Workshop

1 February, 2013 ISHIHARA Kohji, SATO Ryoji, L2 Philosophy of Disability

On January 31st, we hold a one-day international workshop event, “Ethical Issues in Psychiatry Workshop.” Half of the talks were given by philosophers/ethicists, and the other half were given by active clinicians, which characterizes the interdisciplinary nature of the workshop.


The topics covered include: ethical issues related to newly emerging neuroscientific technologies that have psychiatric applications such as deep brain stimulation or neurofeedback, use of oxytocin for autistic children, responsibilities in alcohol-related crimes, use of psychotropic drugs for children, to early intervention for schizophrenia. Special emphasis was put on children and adolescents in psychiatry. Thus, the issues related to informed consent, personalities in children, and their vulnerability were frequently brought up. We will seek further opportunities for collaboration.

(Report: Ryoji Sato)

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