[Report] The 4th BESETO Conference of Philosophy

5 May, 2010 NOBUHARA Yukihiro, ISHIHARA Kohji, MURATA Junichi, NAKAZAWA Eisuke, OZAWA Kyoko, HIRAKURA Kei, NAKAO Maika, SATO Ryoji, SEKIYA Sho, SUMIDA Tomohisa, YASUNAGA Marie

The 4th BESETO Conference of Philosophy was held on 7 and 8 January, 2010.


★Title: The Concept of History and “Psychological-Affinity” in Museum Space: Reading the Display of the Folkwang Museum in Hagen
In this BESETO Conference, it was my great pleasure to have many opportunities to listen to various presentations with which I had not been familiar so far. Although my theme was not common among other participants of the conference, the audience with high intelligence showed their interests to my presentation and gave plenty of comments and advices to me. I simply felt my pleasure in that someone get interested in my research. As well, I recognized again the importance and the value to share English as common language.


[SUMIDA Tomohisa]
★Title: The Rhetoric and Reality of "Greening" in the Shōwa Period (1926-1989)
I had a presentation on the thought of greening in Japan at a session
on Asian philosophy. This was a small session at a meeting room of the
Department of Philosophy but we could discuss on such as the greening
in Korea and the thought of Suzuki Daisetsu.
It is great outcomes that we could discuss not only with philosophers
from Seoul and Beijing, but also with a historian of science in Seoul
who came to the conference, and with researchers from the University
of Tokyo.
I would like to express gratitude to people in Seoul for their
generous hospitality.

[NAKAO Maika]
★Title: Representations of the Brain in Modern Japan: Through Analysis of Medicine Advertisements in the Meiji, Taisho and Showa Periods (Co-presenters: SUMIDA Tomohisa and ASAKURA Reiko)
This is the second time for me to attend the BESETO conference. I felt that the network of the young scholars of philosophy in East Asian countries is on the establishment. On the first day, I attended the exciting Asian philosophy session. I felt that the Asian philosophy is apart from the main field of the BESETO conference and could not help thinking about the relationship between Asian philosophy and the stream philosophy such as analytical philosophy and continental philosophy. On the second day, I caught a cold (probably by the greatest cold wave) and gave a presentation. With the bad body condition, everybody's kindness was going through on my heart.


[OZAWA Kyoko]
★Title: Book as Space / Character as Architecture: Reading Ledoux’s L’Architecture considérée sous le rapport de l’art
It was the first time for me to give a speech in English at an international conference, and it served me as a good occasion to grasp the knack. Most of the presentations were concerned with philosophy, which is not my domain, but their ways of thinking stimulated me to rethink my own approach. And the acquaintance with other young scholars form East Asia motivates me to go on my researches. In addition, I was deeply touched by the great hospitality shown by the staff of SNU.


★Title: Risk Studies Meets Neuroscience: “Experts vs. Lay People” Revisited
What impressed me most was the diversity of subjects discussed in BESETO conference. Labels such as analytic philosophy, continental philosophy, Asian philosophy, and history of philosophy seemed straitjacketed to me. Diversity is the cradle of novelty. I hope that BESETO conference will offer opportunities to young philosophers. It is important to discover those who share the same interests and to build the network of contacts. BESETO conference enables its participants to do both.


[SATO Ryoji]
★Title: Do Qualia Make Our Life Worth Living?
This is my second time to participate in the BESETO conference, and it has many presentations from various fields as well as my first one. I could enjoy myself and deepen my knowledge listening to talks about ethics or political philosophy apart from my own field. At the same time, I had a strong feeling that giving presentation for audiences from divergent background is really tricky. I will try to improve my presentation skills so that all audiences can get involved.


[BOKU Sutetsu]
★Title: Wakefield’s Harmful Dysfunction Analysis about the Concept of Mental Disorder


★Title: Memory Erasure and the Idea of Authenticity
At the BESETO Conference, we enjoyed philosophical discourses. It was also a good opportunity for international exchange. But I know that organizing the conference needs a lot of efforts.
I thank Prof. Nam-in Lee and Dr. Sunny Yang for their organizing the conference and their hospitality.

★Title: Hypothetical Resemblances: Godard’s Lecture on Editing
Wonderful 2 days. Sincere thanks for everyone.
Most impressive for me were:
1. Cold weather. Heavy snowfall. The location of SNU.
2. Vivid responses from phenomenologists.
3. Getting accustomed to analytic philosophy (a little bit).
4. Hospitality of people in Korea!


[NOBUHARA Yukihiro]
★Title: Moral Judgment and Motivation




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