Tadashi Uchino,Crucible Bodies

15 September, 2009 UCHINO Tadashi, Publications

Tadashi Uchino published a book, Crucible Bodies: Postwar Japanese Performance from Brecht to the New Millenium (Seagull Books).


Tadashi Uchjino, Crucible Bodies: Postwar Japanese Performance from Brecht to the New Millenium, Seagull Books, 2009.

The cover image is by Takashi Murakami (Hiropon, 1997). The table of contents is below.



Chapter 1
Political Displacements: Towards Historicizing Brecht in Japan, 1932-98

Chapter 2
Images of Armageddon: Japan's 1980's Theater Culture

Interlude 1
From 'Beautiful' to 'Cute': A Note on Beauty in Modern and Postmodern Japan

Chapter 3
Deconstructing 'Japaneseness': Towards Articulating Locality and Hybridity in Contemporary Japanese Performance

Chapter 4
Playing Betwixt and Between: Intercultural Performance in the Age of Globalization

Interlude 2
Fictional Body versus Junk Body: Thinking Through the Performing Body in Contemporary Japan, or Why is ancient Greek Drama Still Produced?

Chapter 5
Pop, Postmodernism and Junk: Murakami Takashi and 'J' Theatre

Chapter 6
Globality's Children: The 'Child's' Body as a Strategy of Flatness in Performance

Interlude 3
Nationalism, Intra-nationalism: Re-imagining the Boundary

Chapter 7
Mapping/Zapping 'J' Theatre at the Moment

Chapter 8
Miyazawa Akio After 9/11: Physical Dementia and Undoing History in the 'J' Locality

Epilogue: Interculturalism Revisited After 9/11


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