UTCP Booklet 9 Transaction in Medicine & Heteronomous Modernization

13 April, 2009 ICHINOKAWA Yasutaka, Publications

We published the ninth volume of UTCP Booklet, Transaction in Medicine & Heteronomous Modernization: Germany, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.



Preface & Acknowledgements
Shizu SAKAI, Tatsuo SAKAI, Christian Oberländer, Yasutaka ICHINOKAWA 7

1. Introduction:
Transaction in Medicine & Heteronomous Modernization

2. Medical History in Germany today - a personal view
Alfons LABISCH 17

3. "Born Criminals," "Degenerates" and "Psychopaths": On the History of Criminal Psychology in Germany
Heinz SCHOTT 33

4. The Professionalization of Medicine in Germany during the 18th and 19th Centuries
Heiner FANGERAU 49

5. Japanese Medical Students at Halle University before World War I (1886–1914)
Christian GMÜR 65

6. C. W. Hufeland in Japan
Toyoko KOZAI 79

7. Meiji Medical Officials' International Comparisons of Administrative Machinery and the Historiography of Public Health
Takeshi NAGASHIMA 93
8. Medicine and Colonial Modernity in Korea: A Sketch
Hoi-eun KIM 107

9. Understanding How Modern Medicine Worked in Colonial Taiwan: Moving (a little bit) beyond the "Central Dogma"
Wen-Hua KUO 119

10. The Introduction of "German Medicine" in Japan in the 1870s: "Heteronomous Modernization" and "Internal Colonization"
Christian OBERLÄNDER 143

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