Takehiko Hashimoto, Historical Essays on Japanese Technology

10 April, 2009 HASHIMOTO Takehiko, Publications

We published the sixth volume of Collection UTCP, Historical Essays on Japanese Technology, written by Takehiko Hashimoto.



Preface 6
Acknowledgments 13

I. Mechanical Clocks and the Origin of Punctuality
1. Japanese Clocks and the Origin of Punctuality in Modern Japan 17
2. Hisashige Tanaka and His Myriad Year Clock 31

II. Roles and Visions of Foreign Engineers
3. Introducing a French Technological System: The Origin and Early History of the Yokosuka Dockyard 49
4. Views from England: Technological Conditions of Meiji Japan in The Engineer 71

III. Forming Technological Foundations in Modern Japan
5. From Traditional to Modern Metrology: The Introduction and Acceptance of the Metric System 87
6. The Historical Evolution of Power Technologies 107
7. The Trans-Pacific Flight Project and the Re-examination of Aeronautical Standards 127

IV. University, Industry, and the Government in Postwar Society
8. Science after 1940: Recent Historical Reasearch on Postwar American Science and Technology 159
9. A Hesitant Relationship Reconsidered: University-Industry Cooperation in Postwar Japan 173
10. Technological Research Associations and the University-Industry Cooperation 193
11. The Roles of Cooperations, Universities, and the Government before and after 1990 201

Note about the author 213

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