The 40th Anniversary of May 68

10 May, 2008 NISHIYAMA Yuji, Humanities News

May 1968 in France is the only nationwide revolt in all of Western Europe since World War II. The largest general strike in the French history, it was held by the workers of every class.


A wide variety of interpretations of the events of May 68 has frequently been made from the right and the left, by the dramatis personae (student activists at the time), by researchers, writers or journalists. We can say that May 68 is the very epicenter of recent French history which fundamentally defines its significance and direction, along with the Holocaust and the Algerian independence war.

Now, 40 years after May 68, in this age of global capitalism, how should we approche the heritage of May 68 ? (Yuji NISHIYAMA)

UTCP Workshop:
Afterglow of the '1968s': Historicization of 'May 68' and Its Resistance
Wed, 14 May, 2008. 16h20-18h30
Place:Building 18 Collaboration Room No.2, Komaba Campus, The University of Tokyo
Speaker: Yuji Nishiyama (UTCP) Commentator: Yasuo Kobayashi (UTCP)
Admission Free; No Registration Required

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