Report: UTCP Fellows Symposium, "The Horizon of Co-existence Today"

26 April, 2008 FURUHASHI Norihiro, OTAKE Koji, UTCP

The UTCP Fellows Symposium “The Horizon of Co-existence Today” was held on April 20. Three speakers--Junichi Kushita, Norihiro Furuhashi, and Koji Otake--tried to examine the idea of co-existence from their own perspectives.


1. Junichi Kushita, “Co-existence or between Chance and Necessity: From an Interpretation of Biological Entwurf


Junichi Kushita critically examined a methodology of biology, referring to the common structure between Jakob von Uexküll’s work on behavior of a tick and Jacques Monod’s explanation for a synthetic mechanism of protein in a colon bacillus.

2. Norihiro Furuhashi, "The Change of Li-system in Wei, Jin and Nan-bei-chao and 'Co-existence'"


Norihiro Furuhashi scrutinized the change of Li-system in Wei, Jin, and Nan-bei-chao in relation to the classical turn in Contemporary China.

3. Koji Otake, "From States to Cultures: The Politics of European New Right"


Koji Otake analyzed the European New Right movement that has been widespread since the late 1970s, referring to Carl Schmitt as a philosophical source of the movement.

(Originally written by Naohito Hagihara; Excerpted and translated by Kei Yoshida)

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