Mid-term Education Programs (Re)Start [New Academic Year]

4 April, 2008

Four mid-term education programs ("Brain Sciences and Ethics," "Contemporary China in Philosophy," "Times and the Unconscious," and "Secularization, Religion, State") (re)start from April, the beginning of the new academic year in Japan.

[Brain Sciences and Ethics] Starting on April 11
Course Director: Yukihiro Nobuhara
Reading Jesse J. Prinz's The Emotional Construction of Morals

[Contemporary China in Philosophy] Starting on April 15
Course Directors: Takahiro Nakajima and Joël Thoraval
Interpreting the revival of confucianism in China

[Times and the Unconscious] Starting on April 16
Course Director: Yasuo Kobayashi
Examining the concept of times or epochs

[Secularization, Religion, State] Starting on April 21
Course Director: Masashi Haneda
Reading basic literature and understanding important concepts related to "secularization, religion, state"

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