“Times and the Unconscious” Program, Second Report

15 November, 2007 KOBAYASHI Yasuo, Times and the Unconscious

This program is conducted by alternating my graduate seminar and the seminars and work salons of UTCP, from 6pm every Tuesday, while all the presentations and discussions are loosely centered on the notion of “times” (age, epoch).

As already reported, we had a lecture from Mr. Pinas (23rd of October), followed by a discussion on the “philosophy of the event” in Deleuze, based on some texts prepared by Masaya Shiba. On the 6th of November the Resident Assistant Kushida presented on the notion of “times” in Heidegger, followed by a discussion. At the work salon of the 13th, the central figure among the junior scholars of UTCP, Yuji Nishiyama was invited to present on “Maurice Blanchot and the Times” (details are already posted on the Blog). Although in reverse order, we traced a line of thought connecting Heidegger, Blanchot, Deleuze. It was a rewarding experience for me to “meet again” these names after a while of separation. Compared to the absorbed reading in my youth, it feels I have acquired a space of a much broader perspective, but such a “perspective” may also be misleading. However, my own thought, meandering between these three personal names seems to be heading towards the impersonal dynamism of the so-to-say ontological space of “times”. We are planning to plunge into a Foucault cycle from next week. (Yasuo Kobayashi, English translation: Dennitza Gabrakova)
◆6th Session (November 20th)
We have invited Mr. Takakuwa and will discuss on the topic of “After Foucault”. Mr. Kayano, a member of the first UTCP, will also come as commentator.
◆7th Session (November 27th)
Hidetaka Ishida from the Department of Multi-Media and Socio-Information Studies at our University will come and approach Foucault’s notion of “times”, based on Archeology of Knowledge.
◆8th Session(December 4th)
Research fellow Hayao will hold a report session on the present situation of Israel and Palestina.
◆9th Session (December 11th)
We are planning on inviting Mr. Sugihashi from the Course of Theory of Representations at our University to discuss Nietzsche.  
◆第10回(12月18日)◆10th Session (December 18th )
We have asked Mr. Nakajima to introduce the deep issue of “times” in the context of China

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