[Related Event] Caught by the Image: New Perspectives on Audience in Art History

14 November, 2011 └Event-Information

Caught by the Image
New Perspectives on Audience in Art History


3:00–6:45 pm | November 15, 2011
Room 921, Central Library, Sophia University, Yotsuya [Map (Bldg. no. 15)]
Open to public | admission free

What kind of possibilities and problems will become visible if we re-evaluate art history and/or visual culture from the standpoint of the interactive relationship between the image and the audience(s)—emotional, behavioral, social, and so on. This symposium will explore this question from a comparative perspective with three special presenters: Prof. James Elkins, from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, whose numerous publication includes books such as Pictures and Tears (2001) and The Object Stares Back (1997); Prof. Miriam Wattles from The University of California, Santa Barbara, a rising scholar on Japanese art history; Prof. Masayuki Tanaka, from the Musashino Art University, a versatile art historian/critic/curator. The symposium will be moderated by Michio Hayashi (modern/contemporary art history and criticism) from Sophia University.

14:30 Door opening

15:00 Opening remarks by Michio Hayashi

15:10 Key-note presentation by Prof. James Elkins

16:30 Short break

16:35 Presentation by Prof. Miriam Wattles
(Summary translation by Michio Hayashi)

17:00 Presentation by Prof. Masayuki Tanaka

17:30 Short break

17:40 Discussion among presenters

18:15 Question and Answer session

18:45 End


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