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【関連イベント】P4E研究会 ピア・フーニ氏トーク「いかにしてアートに根差しつつ哲学するか?」都合により日程を変更しました

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東京大学駒場Iキャンパス101号館 2階 研修室



場所:東京大学駒場Iキャンパス101号館 2階 研修室


In my presentation, I will introduce a few workshop cases where I have combined art and philosophical practice. I see many similarities between art and philosophy, as we like to learn more about ourselves and life, and both are the path to do so. In general, we see philosophy as a rational action that doesn’t “create things,” rather as the study of truth. On the other hand, art represents creativity, unexpected aspects of life. Is it possible to learn something different if we connect these two views? What would the “language” of these two look like? In philosophical practice, everybody, regardless of their education or background, has the opportunity to participate in philosophizing. In my experience, art-based activities can be an ice breaker or a shortcut to open people’s minds to wonder, make questions, and start philosophizing together (or alone with philosophy). Art activities can also open some emotional aspects and build a bridge of dialogue between us and philosophical understanding. This all might lead us forward on our quest to a meaningful life. (Pia Houni)

Pia Houni is PhD (in theatre and drama) and adjunct professor. She is philosophical practitioner, writer and conceptual-artist. In the field of philosophical practice, she has been working actively in practice, like facilitator, run workshops and also teacher and lecturer. Her passion is to develop skills and methods of art-based philosophizing. In recent years she has been working as professor at the University of Tampere, as senior lecturer of dramaturgy (Metropolia Applied Science), and as senior researcher at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Houni’s research topics have focused on artists’ work, dual leadership in theatre, co-working spaces and so on. She has also done a research project asking the impacts of arts in different social contexts, like health care organizations and working places. At the moment she is very interested about the combination between eudaemonic wellbeing, existential health and art. She is writing a book about these questions. Houni loves to do artistic projects by herself. In the last few years she has done several conceptual exhibitions, working together with sound designers. She has also curated exhibitions and done creative literary works. Her next exhibition will be in Berlin next March together with Finnish sound designer Taina Riikonen.


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      • 【関連イベント】P4E研究会 ピア・フーニ氏トーク「いかにしてアートに根差しつつ哲学するか?」都合により日程を変更しました