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【関連イベント】The 40th meeting of Tokyo Colloquium of Cognitive Philosophy

2013年5月7日(火) 18:00-20:00

Department of History and Philosophy of Science will hold the 40th Tokyo Colloquium of Cognitive Philosophy. Everyone is welcome.

Date & Time: May 7th (Tue), 2013, 18:00-20:00
Venue: the 14th Building, Room 710 on the 7th floor, Komaba Campus

Presenter: John O'Dea (University of Tokyo)
Title: The Problem of Sound

Though there are many obvious similarities between vision and audition, it is commonly proposed that auditory perception is crucially different from visual perception in lacking an intrinsic sense of depth or distance. Brian O'Shaughnesssy has recently presented an interesting argument for this partly based on an analogy with the idiosyncratic perception of light as such (for example, when we see the light of a distant star). In this paper, I will examine O'Shaughnessy's argument and try to show where it fails.

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