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Practicing Philosophy between China and Japan (Collection UTCP 10)

Publisher:UTCP Year:2011
Category:Collection UTCP, e-text collection

Title page, table of contents: ダウンロード

I. Classical Turn, Confucian Restoration, and Critical Confucianism

1. Critical Comparability in the Age of the “Classical Turn”
2. Religion et sécularisation en Chine : Pour un confucianisme critique
3. Philosophical Religiosity in the Analects: An Analysis of Discourses on Confucianism in Modern Japan: ダウンロード
4. New Confucianism in Modern Japan: ダウンロード

II. Japanese Marxist Philosophers

5. Drawing the Tangential Line to a Period: Tosaka Jun, Our Contemporary
6. Critique and Morality: Claude Lévi-Strauss and Umemoto Katsumi: ダウンロード
7. “Asia” as a “Relational” Concept from the Perspective of Japanese Marxist Philosophers: Hiromatsu Wataru, Miki Kiyoshi, and Tosaka Jun: ダウンロード

III. Philosophemes in Chinese Philosophy

8. The History of Chinese Philosophy as Philosophy: ダウンロード
9. La parole épuise-t-elle le sens ?
10. La voix désaccordée : La Chine, le féminin et l’enfant: ダウンロード

IV. Critical Comparability in Philosophy

11. Modern Enlightenment in China and Japan: Hu Shi and Fukuzawa Yukichi: ダウンロード
12. State and War: The New Law of Hospitality: ダウンロード
13. Ritual and Justice in Chinese Philosophy: ダウンロード

Note about the author: ダウンロード