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Mario Wenning教授講演会:Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Adjustment


Mario Wenning教授(マカオ大学)講演会: Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Adjustment

日時: 2019年7月19日(金)14:00-15:30
場所: 東京大学駒場キャンパス101号館2階研修室
講演者: Mario Wenning(マカオ大学)
題目:Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Adjustment

As a consequence of the geopolitical transition from a Eurocentric towards a polycentric world order, appeals to cosmopolitanism seem either historically outdated, ethically naive or politically dangerous. The presentation challenges this impression by arguing for a revised account of cosmopolitanism. This new account departs from human existence instead of human essence (as it has been done from Stoicism to Kant). A modern, existential notion of cosmopolitanism focuses on human plasticity and self-determination in increasingly complex lifeworlds. It will be demonstrated that Max Scheler’s vision of a coming age of adjustment, realignment or equalization (Ausgleich) between nations and cultural traditions, together with an ethos of balancing acts, promises to better understand and come to terms with the specific challenges facing human existence today.

東京大学ヒューマニティーズ・センター LIXIL 潮田東アジア人文研究拠点企画研究「21世紀における共生の理論と実践」

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