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Lou Marinoff "Introduction to Philosophical Practice: Methods and Professional Development"

2013年5月20日(月) 14:50-17:00

Lou Marinoff (City College of New York)

Introduction to Philosophical Practice: Methods and Professional Development

In Japan in recent years, philosophy is penetrating into various areas of society, evolving around the practice of ‘dialogue’. This phenomenon is represented by cafés-philos, while there have also been successful attempts to introduce philosophical dialogue for the purpose of creating a community. Moreover, philosophical dialogue is now used for individual counseling and for corporate consulting. Behind this trend, there is a philosophical attitude in its broad (and original) sense – an attitude of establishing a space for free discussion which enables people to understand things differently through thinking more fundamentally and from many viewpoints. The speaker of the event is Professor Lou Marinoff of the Department of Philosophy at the City University of New York, who is the founder and leading expert of philosophical counseling and philosophical consulting.

Lou Marinoff: Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at The City College of New York, and founding President of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA). He is also Editor of Philosophical Practice: Journal of the APPA. Lou has authored two international bestsellers: Plato Not Prozac, translated into 27 languages since 1999, and Therapy for the Sane, into 12 languages since 2003. Both of these popular books apply philosophy, Asian and Western schools alike, to the resolution of everyday problems. In 2004, The New York Times weekend magazine called him “the world’s most successful marketer of philosophical counseling.”


場所:立教大学池袋キャンパス 太刀川記念館3階多目的ホール
日時:2013年5月24日(金) 18:30-20:30



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