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Asian Philosophy Forum Lecture: Rein Raud, Rethinking Dōgen

2013年2月15日(金) 16:30-18:00

CPAG-UTCP Asian Philosophy Forum Lecture

Rein Raud (Professor, The University of Helsinki)
Rethinking Dōgen

Since its introduction to modern audiences, the work of Dōgen Zenji (1200-1253) has intrigued many thinkers both in Japan and the West, and new research as well as translations of or commentaries on his essays continue to appear. However, a number of remarkable cliches have embedded themselves in the reception of Dōgen's work, most of them based on the retroactive reading of modern or Western philosophical concepts into Dōgen's thinking. The aim of my talk will be to trace some of these cliches and to show how a less biased approach might help us to attain an easier and sometimes also rationally less demanding explanation of some key passages and concepts in his work.

Moderator: Takahiro NAKAJIMA (UTCP)
Commentator: Keishi MIYAGAWA (Tentokuji Temple)


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Language: English | Admission Free | No Registration Required
Co-organized by
JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A-24242002): CPAG
The University of Tokyo, Center for Philosophy (UTCP)

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