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【関連イベント】マドス・グラム・ヘンリケン氏 「統合失調症スペクトラムにおける自己-障害:理論と経験的研究」



Mads Gram Henriksen (Psychiatric Center Hvidovre & Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen, DK)

"Self-disorders in schizophrenia spectrum conditions: theory and empirical studies"

An increasing amount of empirical studies indicates that anomalies of self-experience (i.e. self-disorders) are highly characteristic of schizophrenia spectrum disorders. But what does this mean in terms of the underlying theory of schizophrenia and what is the empirical evidence more precisely? In this paper, I will try to situate the phenomenological approach to schizophrenia research in the context of contemporary psychiatric research and nosology and show how the latter can benefit from a dialogue with phenomenology. More specifically, I will first discuss the schizophrenia definitions in the current major diagnostic manuals (i.e. ICD-10 and DSM-IV-TR) and indicate some of their more critical problems. Second, I will outline the phenomenological approach to psychopathology and especially the so-called ipseity-disturbance model of schizophrenia. Finally, I will discuss the results and limitations of the available empirical studies of self-disorders and the implications for further research.


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      • 【関連イベント】マドス・グラム・ヘンリケン氏 「統合失調症スペクトラムにおける自己-障害:理論と経験的研究」